These Fully Compostable, Single-Serve Matcha Packets Are an Eco-Friendly Traveler’s Dream Come True

mizuba matcha travel packets

Anyone who has a strong matcha obsession knows it’s not easy finding quality lattes on the go. At home, you have a solid stash of your favorite high-quality product right at your fingertips, but on the road, you never really know what you’re going to wind up with. That’s why one company is solving the do-I-pack-it-or-not dilemma with a travel- and planet-friendly version of its beloved matcha.

Mizuba Tea Co.—which is known for its pure matcha that comes straight from a 100-year-old farm in Uji, Japan—just introduced its new instant single-serve travel packets that allow you to whip up a frothy latte wherever you are, be it on a plane, camping in the middle of the woods, or on a road trip. Unlike similar products that use plastic, these aren’t at all wasteful: Created in collaboration with Voilà Coffee, the packets are made from fully compostable materials.

Every recyclable box comes with eight travel-ready packets (, $14), each filled with three grams of matcha—the perfect amount to make a plain tea or a cold or hot latte in your thermos. And because it’s instant, all you need to do is put it in water or plant-based milk and shake it up. You’ll stay energized on all your trips and better the planet in the process.

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