Consider Herbivore Times your feel-good source for all things plant-based, whether you’re in it for the animals, your health, the environment—or, better yet, all of the above. The online publication is updated daily with vegan news (including the latest food and product releases!), healthy and delicious plant-based recipes, expert-backed health articles, and tips on kind, eco-friendly living. Aka bite-sized reads that will always leave plant-eaters hungry for more.

Growing up in Iowa, eating meat was part of life. (Alongside loads of buttery mashed potatoes, of course.) Even though I considered myself a passionate animal lover from a very young age, it took me years to connect the dots and open my eyes to where my food was coming from. Now, thousands of veggie burgers later, my mission is simple: To show others how easy—and fun!—it is to be plant-based.

As a health and wellness journalist, I wanted to create an uplifting, nonjudgmental space for anyone who’s interested in eating more plants. And while I could rave about cashew mac and cheese all day (seriously… don’t tempt me), we cover so much more than just food. You’ll also find news, expert-backed health advice from registered dietitians and doctors, tips on being more eco-friendly, and stories on the coolest vegan travel spots—including a modern boutique inn located right on a farm sanctuary. Yeah, you better believe that one’s on my bucket list.

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