There are currently no full-time jobs available. Please check back again soon.


If you’d like to contribute to Herbivore Times, send an email to with your pitches or interests. We’re not able to compensate at this time as everything we do is currently a labor of love, but our team is always open to passionate plant-eaters who want to make an impact through their writing.


*Currently full

Fall 2019 Intern: If you’re passionate about vegan mac and cheese and have a soft spot for cows, you’ll fit right in as Herbivore Times’ fall 2019 intern. We’re seeking a go-getter to assist our team with producing content, whether that’s writing about the latest vegan food and product releases (hello, Impossible Whopper!), delicious plant-based recipes, expert-backed health articles, or how to live a kinder, more eco-friendly life. In addition, you’ll be able to test out cool new vegan finds and have the opportunity to attend events in your area. This position is unpaid, has flexible hours, and is remote. Interested in applying? Send your résumé and two relevant writing clips to Tehrene Firman at with the subject line “Fall 2019 Intern.”

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