12 Healthy Store-Bought Vegan Snacks Perfect for Road Trips

I can’t travel without a solid supply of snacks on hand. Who wants to sit in the car for hours on end without something tasty to munch on to pass the time? Nobody, that’s who.

In the past, I’ve made the mistake of trying to find semi-healthy options at gas stations along the way, resulting in eating one too many bags of sugary candy, over-salted nuts, and greasy chips…and feeling pretty crappy the rest of the trip because of it. But this time around, I have a selection of wholesome goodies in tow that nourish and satisfy.

Whether you’re craving a vegan version of Hot Cheetos, want easy-to-pack superfood smoothies in pouches, or are dying to try the ever-trendy mushroom jerky and salted lupini beans, these are the best plant-based snacks for your next road trip. And anytime, really.

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