Drumroll, Please: The Most Vegan-Friendly City in the World Was Just Announced

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The next time you’re trying to decide where to travel, your decision will be easy. HappyCow, the beloved service that helps you figure out where you can and can’t eat, has compiled a list of the top 10 most vegan-friendly cities in the world. And the number one spot went to—drumroll, please!—London, the home to the world’s first vegan fried chicken restaurant, an all-vegan Chinese buffet, and so much more.

There were four main factors HappyCow took into account when deciding on the most vegan-friendly city: The number of vegan restaurants within a five-mile radius in the most vegan restaurant-dense area in each city, the number of vegan/vegetarian/veg-option restaurants in the same five-mile radius, vegan restaurant count to population density, and its impression of the over-all vegan-friendliness of the city (including festivals, meetups, and the community). It’s safe to say with the vegan explosion happening in London right now, it’s an all-around winner.

As of this year, London has 152 fully vegan restaurants citywide. That’s an increase from 100 restaurants in 2017, so the plant-based scene is still steadily increasing. As for where you can eat, the city has basically anything you could ever want. There are vegan pizza spots, burger places, and even the UK’s first vegan cheese shop, La Fauxmagerie. Some of the other top restaurants include The Vurger Co, Rudy’s Dirty Diner, and Erpingham House, the UK’s largest vegan restaurant that’s three stories tall.

While London is clearly a vegan’s dream come true, there are nine other major cities worth visiting for incredible plant-based food too. Add these spots to your bucket list ASAP.

HappyCow’s Top-Rated Vegan Cities

1. London

2. New York City

3. Berlin

4. Los Angeles

5. Toronto

6. Warsaw

7. Portland

8. Bangkok

9. Tel Aviv

10. Prague

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