This Plant-Based Cafe Donates 100% of Its Profits to Charity

Give Cafe Bali

Remember KYND Community? Well, it officially has a sister restaurant in Canggu, Bali, that’s completely plant-based as well. Except this time, 100% of the profits go straight to charity. Yep, every last cent.

Walking into GIVE Cafe, you’ll instantly be intrigued by the bright colors and endless amount of delicious-looking food. But this restaurant bill is split a little differently than normal. After the staff and operating costs are paid, the profit is donated to the three Indonesian charities that were chosen that month. And you’re totally involved in deciding which one.

Once you’re finished enjoying something from the menu—which includes everything from vegan fried eggs and crispy tempeh salads to banana mylkshakes and pink lattes—you’ll receive wooden tokens and can choose where the profit goes: to the people, the planet, or the animals. Or maybe all three. Because is there anything better than enjoying great food and making the world a better place in the process?

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