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More and more vegan restaurants are popping up across the U.S., but it’s hard to beat Indonesia’s newest joint: KYND community.

With its pink walls, palm prints, and bright and colorful menu items, the Bali-based restaurant is blowing up on Instagram. And not just because everything about the hot spot is picture-worthy. (Seriously. Everything.)

Aside from the restaurant’s feel-good vibes, the food will totally reel you in: There are vitamin-packed juices, immune-boosting elixirs, smoothie bowls with cute messages spelled out on top with fruit, avocado toast, waffles, “cheese” burgers — you name it, they have it. And each item you order is basically a work of art.

If you can’t fly to Bali to check out the restaurant for yourself (don’t worry, same), here are a handful of menu items that will make you want to save up for a plane ticket.

1. Kynd Cheeseburger

2. Cookies & Cream Freakshake

freaky friday come in and try our oreo freakshake today ✌ we’re open from 6am – 4pm #itstimetobekynd

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3. Pulled Cheeken Salad

4. Ghandi and Aspey Avocado Toasts

6. Berry Tropical Smoothie Bowl

it’s finally time we are now open 6am – 4pm every day just look for our pink wall across the road from @motionfitnessbali #itstimetobekynd

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7. Dream Boat Waffles

.. & so is eating vegan waffles and house made coconut ice-cream for breakfast #itstimetobekynd

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