Trader Joe’s Now Has a Creamy Cashew-Based Yogurt in the Dairy Aisle

trader joe's creamy cashew yogurt

Step aside, dairy industry—Trader Joe’s just launched a brand-new vegan yogurt option, and it’s made from cashews.

You’re probably well aware that cashews are total all-stars in plant-based kitchens. They’re often the secret ingredient in everything from vegan mac and cheese to vegan basil ricotta because of the insanely creamy consistency you get after blending them, and using them to create a healthy yogurt is no exception.

Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative—which includes a hint of coconut cream to add to the already-dreamy texture—currently comes in two flavors: Vanilla Bean and Strawberry. Because they’re so budget-friendly at $1.99 per cup, they make for the perfect base in plant-based parfaits, smoothies, and beyond.

Trader Joe’s isn’t the only company hopping on the alt-yogurt bandwagon. Even Silk recently launched a line of oat milk yogurts that have become available in grocery stores across the country this month. And good news: As the demand for dairy-free yogurt increases, the lower the prices will be. So the next time you’re making a grocery run, be sure to stock up.

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