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I’ve tried enough vegan mac and cheese recipes in my day to know that achieving vegan creaminess with plant-based ingredients is as simple as using soaked nuts. With nothing but a handful of cashews, you can wind up with a creamy yogurt, a savory Alfredo sauce, and—one of the most mesmerizing transformations—a vegan ricotta.

Alexandra Andersson, the Swedish health advocate and vegan recipe creator behind @FiveSecHealth, recently shared a recipe for her vegan basil ricotta…and, to say the least, it’s life-changing. With only a handful of simple ingredients—like cashews and tofu—it’s a five-star spread that can be made in seconds.

“When we were in Bali, we took a vegan cheese course. That’s where I got the inspiration for this recipe,” writes Andersson. “It’s super creamy, full of flavor, and packed with nutrients.”

To make the vegan ricotta, all you need to do is add your ingredients into a food processor. After everything is evenly blended, it’s ready to eat. For the full instructions—and to seriously up your vegan cheese game!—follow the full recipe in Andersson’s Instagram below.

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Vegan Basil Ricotta 🤩 When we were in Bali we took a “vegan cheese course” and that’s where I got inspiration for this one! It’s super creamy, full of flavor and packed with nutrients 🌱 You can fin the recipe in the “Fivesec Health” app (link in bio) 📱 Vegan Basil Ricotta – 1/2 cup cashews (then boil for 5 min->drain) – 1.2 cup cubed tofu – 1/4 cup plant milk, unsweetened – 1 garlic clove (sub with garlic powder for less sharp flavor) – 1 tbsp dried basil – 2 tsp lemon juice – 1/2 tsp sea salt Mix in a food processor (add more plant milk if you want it less thick) . Music: @liqwyd . . . #veganvideos #vegancheese #recipevideos #plantbasedrecipes

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