lucky mouth grocery store in dallas, texas

Vegan grocery stores are popping up all over the country, and this winter the Bishops Arts District of Dallas, TX, will be welcoming another to the scene.

Lucky Mouth Grocery was founded by Adriana Martinez and David Miers back in 2018 as an order and pick-up online store. There are nut-based cheeses, breakfast items like vegan eggs, bacon, and Gardein sausages, and even plant-based dog treats. Now Texans will be able to scan through aisles of mouth-watering vegan food in person.

“My husband and now business partner and I will finally have a permanent location in Bishop Arts for our passion project, Lucky Mouth Grocery,” writes Martinez on Instagram. “We can’t wait to share all the vegan goodies with everyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We started this project to create a place for anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle and are hoping to be opened by the end of the year.”

Martinez told Eater Dallas that the new shop will include grab-and-go lunch items like “a mock tuna salad using chickpeas, some sort of kale salad, and maybe a potato soup or miso soup.” There will also be vegan tamales from The Tamale Company, numerous plant-based mock meats, and vegan snacks, including cashew-based queso.

If you’re in the Dallas area—or are planning to visit!—the store will be located at 196 West Davis Street, Suite 120. And for opening date updates, follow @LuckyMouthGrocery on Instagram. It won’t be long before you can grab your reusable shopping bag and stock up on all your favorites.

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