Time to Get a Costco Membership: You Can Now Buy Beyond Burgers in Bulk

beyond burger costco

Your Beyond Burger addiction can get pretty pricey with a package of two patties costing $6 at most grocery stores. But just like cashews and nooch, it’s officially time to start buying in bulk because Costco is now selling it nationwide.

Today, Beyond Meat announced in an Instagram Post that Costco is selling Beyond Burgers in a 4-pack (8 patties) for $14.99, which gets you those beautiful patties for a fraction of the cost. Instead of paying $3 a patty, buying them in bulk brings the cost down to about $1.87 each. Just think about all the lasagna, tacos, stuffed peppers, and other recipes you’ll be able to make on the cheap.

The Beyond Burger is currently rolling out into Costco stores nationwide, and it’s already hit select states, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, and Hawaii. If you’re wondering whether it’s in your store—even if your state isn’t listed—call and ask to see if it’s in stock. Then, go fill up that giant cart.

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