a&w canada plant-based chicken nuggets

The United States might have Impossible Burgers at every Burger King location, but Canada is definitely the winner when it comes to having vegan-friendly chicken options in the fast food space. This week, KFC announced its testing out a meat-free chicken sandwich and popcorn chicken—and because that’s just not enough, A&W is releasing plant-based chicken nuggets.

According to Narcity, the chicken nuggets will be launching on December 2 for a limited time in two different locations: Ontario and British Columbia. Created in partnership with Lightlife, A&W says the nuggets are “crispy, craveable, and an unbelievably delicious option” made from peas, wheat flour, and fava beans—no soy included.

If the chicken nuggets sell well, A&W says they hope to make the option available all across Canada. And even though A&W Canada and A&W USA have different owners, having a menu item be super-successful in one country could open the door to others following suit. (Aka we need vegan chicken nugs available in the U.S., like, now.)

Until then, drool over these soon-to-be-released nuggets. And maybe plan a road trip to the Great White North.

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