ark foods cauliflower mac and cheese

Cauliflower might be the most versatile vegetable on the planet. You can use it to make pizza crust, crispy wings, low-carb rice, and—maybe the best thing of all—mac and cheese. A totally vegan one, at that.

The next time you go to Whole Foods, you might notice you’re now able to grab healthy microwavable options from the plant-based brand Ark Foods that are ready to eat in under five minutes. While the veggie spaghetti and pesto looks delicious, it’s hard to beat the dairy-free Cauli Mac + Cheese. Just look at it.

The tasty find comes in two flavors: Classic Cheddar and Jalapeño Cheddar, both of which are loaded with creamy vegan cheese made from cashews. Better yet, each meal—which comes in a single-serving size—also has minimal, clean ingredients. The classic option, for example, only contains cauliflower, water, potatoes, cashews, carrots, onions, vinegar, sea salt, natural flavor, and garlic powder. It’s basically like you made it yourself.

Considering each option costs around $5, it’s kind of a steal—especially when compared to ordering takeout. It’s also much healthier than most microwavable meals with 7 grams of protein, no added sugar, and a small amount of sodium. Take that, Kraft.

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