These Biodegradable Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes and the Oceans at the Same Time

You’re probably more concerned with the plastic your food comes in than the plastic in your favorite pair of sunglasses, but they’re both contributing to the billions of pounds of plastic that wind up in the oceans every year. And Pela—which you probably know for its biodegradable phone cases—now has a collection of sustainable shades that allow you to protect your eyes and the planet at the same time.

The frames in every pair of Pela Vision sunglasses (which cost $95 each) are made of an entirely compostable and biodegradable material called Flaxetate, and the lenses are certified biobased. Right now, there are four different styles to choose from, all of which were inspired by different visionaries: Rachel, Maya, Dian, and Leo. There’s even a program called Pela 360 that allows you to send back your Pela cases and sunglasses to the company so they can be cleaned up and given them to someone in need, turned into new products, or composted.

This summer, step out of the shade of the single-use plastic industry and step into the sweet sun of sustainability with these biodegradable sunglasses. Here’s an option from each line to get you started.

4 Styles of Pela Sunglasses You Can Shop Right Now

1. Rachel Sunglasses

Inspiration: Rachel Carson, biologist and ecologist
Colors: two-tone brown, matte black, clear matte

2. Maya Sunglasses

Inspiration: Maya Angelou, poet and civil rights activist
Colors: onyx black, garnet brown, clear with mirror lens

3. Dian Sunglasses

Inspiration: Dian Fossey, primatologist and conversationalist
Colors: onyx black, clear with mirror lens, jasper brown

4. Leo Sunglasses

Inspiration: Leonardo DaVinci, artist and scientist
Colors: granite gray, garnet brown, onyx black

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