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It’s always fun to dress up on Halloween—and, you know, be a black cat for the third year in a row. (No judgments here.) What’s even better, though? All the candy. If you’ve had a hard time finding vegan candy bar options, you’re in for a treat. There’s a simple way to make your own mini Crunch bars at home, and all you need is an ice cube tray.

Considering Crunch bars contain milk, they’re a no-go for anyone who doesn’t eat dairy. But Tessa Fisher, the recipe developer behind the food blog Salted Plains, created an easy-to-make version that’s both gluten-free and vegan.

“This time of year makes it hard to avoid those mini candy bars that seem to be everywhere. Stocked and enticing on every grocery store end-of-aisle and office candy bowl (guilty), Halloween brings out the chocolate candy cravings. In me, at least,” she writes. “With a desire to have a gluten-free, dairy-free candy option around that has simple ingredients and is even simpler to make, these mini crunch bars were first on my list.”

Unlike Nestlé‘s version, Fisher only needed three wholesome ingredients to whip up a batch of extra-crispy mini candy bars: dairy-free chocolate chips, coconut oil or almond butter (the choice is yours!), and gluten-free rice cereal. After melting the chocolate, stirring in the other ingredients, and adding everything into an ice cube tray, it only takes a couple hours in the freezer for them to harden into the Halloween snack of your dreams.

Ready to make these mini Crunch bars for yourself? Check out the full recipe.


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