This Easy-to-Make Spice Mix Will Completely Transform Your Tofu Scramble

tofu scramble spices

Even though there are realistic egg-like products on the market that can create a vegan scramble in minutes, there’s still something so magical about simply using block of tofu. All it takes is a few seconds of crumbling to make the breakfast staple. And when you have the right spices, you’ll never crave the real thing ever again.

Sam Turnbull, the plant-based recipe developer behind It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken, recently came across a pre-made spice mix you can use on a tofu scrambles to make it taste like eggs. But instead of paying the product’s hefty price tag, she decided to put together her own version instead.

“I had a look at the ingredients and realized I had everything already on hand in my kitchen, so I started playing around and made my own tofu scramble spice mix,” she writes. “And you know what? It really does make tofu taste like eggs. I don’t think it’s eggy enough to fool someone completely, but it’s pretty close and definitely tasty.”

All it takes is five simple ingredients to make Turnbull’s seasoning powder that you can store in a jar for whenever you need it. And the star of the show? Black salt—also known as kala namak—which contains sulfur compounds that gives it an egg-like smell and taste. Once you mix it up with some other pantry staples and sprinkle it on your tofu scramble, your breakfasts will change forever.

Want to make this tofu scramble spice mix? Follow the recipe on It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken.

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