delicata squash smoothie

Come fall, smoothies tend to be forgotten as warm and cozy breakfast options like oatmeal and vegan omelets enter your lineup. But before you bench the vitamin-loaded beverage, give it a seasonal upgrade by grabbing a handful of delicata squash.

Typically, you’ll find delicata squash roasting in the oven—not chilling in a blender. Well, that’s about to change, because Bethany Ugarte—the gut health expert behind Lilsipper—has made me see the fall staple in a totally new light. In a recent Instagram post, she made it very clear that smoothie season doesn’t have to be over once the weather changes. In fact, it’s just getting started.

In Ugarte’s opinion, the best smoothie combo is a cup of frozen, pre-roasted delicata squash, frozen zucchini, chocolate protein powder, yogurt (there are plenty of non-dairy options to choose from!), a splash of nut milk, and cacao powder. Once you blend it up and add some toppings—like a little nut butter and unsweetened chocolate chips—you’ll be able to dig into a bowl that tastes more like dessert than breakfast. And who doesn’t want to start their day like that?

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