This Vegan and Plastic-Free Ice Cream Shop Will Have You On a Plane to Miami ASAP

nabati vegan ice cream miami

Long gone are the days of desperately asking Siri for “vegan ice cream near me” on your phone with an underwhelming yield of zero results. Now, most ice cream shops have a non-dairy or sorbet option, and grocers typically have an entire section filled with vegan options, whether that’s Oatly’s oat milk ice cream or Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy flavors. But Miami is on another level, and the next time you visit, you’ll be entering vegan ice cream paradise.

An all-new, all-vegan ice cream shop just opened its doors in Miami on August 2. Founded by plant-based chef Ola Kayal, Nabati‘s menu includes ice cream made from a cashew and coconut base, as well as a fruit and coconut milk option for nut-free folks. Overall, there are 18 mouth-watering flavors to (somehow) choose from, including Sesame Is Black, Raspberry & Thyme, Golden Scoop, and Vanilla Cookie Dough. 

As if the creative and classic mix of ice cream flavors wasn’t already enticing enough, Nabati’s mission is to also be as eco-friendly as possible. Because Kayal is just as passionate about desserts as she is the planet, the shop is plastic-free and is taking every step possible to reduce its carbon footprint. You can even get a discount by bringing in your own reusable containers.

I don’t know about you, but I’m booking my next vacation in Miami.

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