This Bright Green Matcha Burger in Australia Is About to Take Over Your Instagram Feed

matcha burger

First Matcha Mylkbar blessed the world with their pretty blue Smurf Latte, and now we can’t stop staring at their bright green burger. The Australian-based matcha cafe has been making vegan dining cool since the day they opened their doors, from their vegan eggs — which have a runny yolk and everything — to their creative beverages, their menu easily appeals to everyone.

Now, enter the Soy Chicken Burger. With a matcha bun, mushroom bacon, beetroot kraut, beetroot hummus, and avocado, it definitely isn’t your typical vegan burger.

“We wanted to develop a plant-based menu that had something for everyone and that wasn’t lacking in substance, flavor, presentation, or any other department,” Sarah Holloway, co-founder of Matcha Mylkbar, told us. “Every good restaurant menu needs a hearty, filling, flavorsome burger, but our signature attribute is bright color and innovative presentation. So we thought a bright green matcha bun would do the trick and a delicious plant-based ‘soy chicken’ burger with layers of deliciousness would make the perfect filling.”

But don’t be fooled — the matcha isn’t just good for a pretty burger. It’s full of nutrition, too.

“The bright green color is obviously a big draw, but it also increases the burger’s nutritional value having some of our bright green superfood in it,” Holloway says. “Matcha has up to 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea and bears benefits for immunity, metabolism, skin, hair, and overall wellbeing.”

As for the taste, well, it’s pretty mouth-watering and you’ll probably be booking a ticket to Australia ASAP to grab one yourself.

“It tastes like a real chicken burger, but the substitute ‘meat’ patty isn’t pumped full of chemicals or artificial additives. People are genuinely surprised when they discover it’s not real chicken and some of our most devout vegan customers even feel guilty! It’s so delicious that we’ve even heard it called the best chicken burger people have ever had, including the non-vegan version,” Holloway says. “The matcha bun is delicately flavored — you don’t need much to bring out the color so the flavors don’t clash at all. The layers of filling blend together in the most wonderful combination of flavors.”

Take a look at the beauty and just try not to start drooling:

And if you’re extra hungry…

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