Dairy-Free Milk Made from Water Lentils Could Soon Be Coming to Grocery Stores

Slowly but surely, coffee shops across the country have broadened their menu offerings of creamy, plant-based milk alternatives. Cashew milk. Almond milk. Oat milk. Oatly, they called it. While they’re all impressively nutritious (and make great lattes!), the latest alt-milk innovation could give them a run for their money: water lentil milk, baby.

The Florida-based company Parabel USA Inc. just announced a “patent-pending milk” made from water lentils. Not only are they grown on aqua farms using no chemicals or pesticides, but the non-GMO plant also has a small environmental footprint.

“We are all elated to have achieved this breakthrough innovation. Our lentil milk is similar in color to regular milk and captures the extraordinary, high-quality protein and mineral benefits of water lentils while containing no allergens,” said Peter Sherlock, Parabel’s CTO, in a press release. “The milk froths and foams effectively. This innovative addition also retains the same high level of sustainability as the rest of our product range.”

So, what’s the deal with the revolutionary water lentil base? The plant grows quickly in open water—so much so that it doubles its biomass in just 24 to 36 hours, allowing it to be harvested daily. Health-wise, water lentils are nutrient-dense and especially rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, and fiber. They’re also free of food allergens, making them a solid alt-milk choice for anyone who’s been limited due to a soy, gluten, or nut allergy.

There’s no word on when water lentil milk is hitting the market, but whether you love a good dry cappuccino—extra foam!—or want a new option to eat your cereal with, it might just be the option you’ve been hoping for.

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