You Can Now Buy Oat Milk at Trader Joe’s—and It’s Only $2.29

trader joe's oat milk

Oat milk is everywhere. You can order it at your favorite coffee shops, get it at your local grocery store, and now it’s even hitting Trader Joe’s. For a steal, I might add.

The healthy grocer just announced two non-dairy oat milk beverages are now being sold in stores: a 32 fluid-ounce shelf-stable container for $2.29, and a bigger 64-ounce refrigerated carton for $3.99. While the refrigerated version contains a handful of ingredients—including oils and gums (aka not the best combo in the world!), the shelf-stable option is an all-star choices for your cereal, lattes, and beyond with only two ingredients: water and oats.

The oat milk items are in good company at Trader Joe’s. There’s a wide variety of other vegan options to choose from too, including jackfruit cakes, cauliflower pizza crust, and even meatless meatballs. And you can’t forget about the new plant-based protein patties. The next time you decide to make a trip, it’s safe to say you’ll be leaving with a very full cart.

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