Target Just Launched a Vegan Beauty Brand Nationwide—and Everything Is Under $20

Vegan skincare brands are gradually taking over the beauty industry, but let’s face it: They can be expensive. Target is already home to 100% vegan and cruelty-free brands like E.L.F. and Pacifica. However, everyone’s favorite retailer just launched a brand-new beauty line, and everything is under $20.

There’s no need to fear sneaky animal products or dangerous toxins hiding in your ingredients lists with Versed‘s totally clean, 19-product beauty line that features everything from moisturizers and cleansers to different treatments. Instead of focusing on “trendy” add-ins, artificial fragrances, and colors that play no role in helping your skin, the brand is focused on giving consumers safe and effective products that provide real results.

“After years of consumer research, we started to notice a gap in the beauty market. Shoppers were looking for a brand that was deeply rooted in research and was comprised of clean products that not only work great, but are easy to use and make them feel good,” explained Versed founder and CEO Katherine Power in a press release. “We’ve checked all three boxes with proven, powerful ingredients, simple icons, and an online quiz that directs users to products that address their specific skin concerns. And because we’re so confident in the results, our launch campaign is free of airbrushed skin and paid influencers.”

Affordable, clean, and no faulty advertising. Does is get any better? The answer is yes. Versed is also committed to sustainable and ethical packaging. The company reduces waste by not including excess packaging (such as inserts or bigger boxes for a small product) and uses recyclable packaging whenever possible. All in all, it’s a beauty brand you can feel good about using on multiple levels.

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