Silk Just Launched a Line of Oat Milk Yogurt—Come See the 4 Flavors

Step aside, dairy industry—there’s a new yogurt in town, and it’s made of oats. Silk—the brand that’s beloved for its wide selection of plant-based milks—just debuted a delicious, nutritious, and ethical line of oat milk yogurt that’s bound to change the dairy aisle for the better.

Silk already has yogurt made with almond milk and soy milk, but after launching its own oat milk earlier this year, it only made sense to release some yogurt to go along with it.

“Creating a yogurt alternative was the natural next step after our well-received Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk beverage launch,” said Joshua Cook, brand manager of plant-based yogurt for Silk, in a press release. “Oat Yeah Oatmilk Yogurt Alternatives are a tasty option for any person looking to make progress toward their health and wellness goals, whether they have specific dietary needs or are simply looking to try something new.”

Right now, there are four flavors to choose from: mixed berry, strawberry, vanilla, and mango, and all of them will be available at grocery stores nationwide starting this month. Even better, you can enjoy them on a budget: They only cost $1.89 per 5.3-oz. cup. Now who’s ready for an oat milk yogurt parfait?

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