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Ordering pizza from most restaurants means loading up on sauce and veggies, hold the cheese. But Pizza Hut—which has more than 7,500 locations nationwide—will soon be the first major chain to offer a dairy-free option in the United States.

According to The Vegan Herald, all U.S. locations are set to have vegan cheese on the menu by this August. Nope, you’re not dreaming: You’re really just months away from ooey-gooey goodness. “We have been testing the marketing when it comes to vegan cheese for quite some time, and we’re just about ready to make the leap,” said a representative via email. “We plan to have vegan cheese available at all of our U.S. locations by the end of summer.”

According to the rep, there will be an official announcement coming soon. As for which kind of cheese the company will use, that’s still under wraps—although there’s a good chance it’s the brand Violife, as that’s what Pizza Hut locations in the United Kingdom are currently using. No matter which kind of vegan cheese makes the cut, one thing’s for sure: You’re in for a very cheesy future. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Update: According to a company statement, vegan cheese might not be coming to menus after all—at least not yet. “While we’re proud of our dedicated vegan menu in the U.K., the report is inaccurate and we have no plans at this time to carry vegan cheese at our U.S. locations.”

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