Little Caesars Is Launching a Vegan Sausage Pizza with Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods has made it its mission to revolutionize plant-based meat. Little Caesars, on the other hand, wouldn’t normally even be in the same sentence as the company: Its website frequently boasts $9 Hot-N-Ready Meat Feast pizzas with free two-liter bottles of Mountain Dew lingering nearby, after all. Even though it seems highly unlikely, their worlds have officially collided, bringing affordable meat-free meals to the masses.

Little Caesars just launched a $12 Impossible Supreme Pizza topped with plant-based sausage made by Impossible Foods, as well as onions, mushrooms, and green peppers. While the menu item is currently vegetarian as it features a blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheese, a dairy-free version seems to be right around the corner.

“I’m confident that the Impossible Supreme Pizza will go down as one of the most surprising and satisfying menu sensations of 2019,” David Scrivano, president and CEO of Little Caesars, told Fortune. “This is likely just the beginning of plant-based menu items from Little Caesars.”

“This is likely just the beginning of plant-based menu items from Little Caesars.”  —David Scrivano, president and CEO of Little Caesars

Right now, you can find the Impossible Supreme Pizza at Little Caesars locations in three different cities: Yakima, WA; Ft. Meyers, FL; and Albuquerque, NM. After one month, Little Caesars will analyze the success of the product and decide on its fate. But with Scrivano’s excitement about a more plant-based future, the chances of it sticking around are promising.

If this pizza stays on the menu, it will join the ranks of other fast-food joints—including Burger King with its Impossible Whopper and Panda Express with its vegan menu additions—that are making vegetarian and vegan diets more accessible. Plus, having a plant-based pizza option to round out your junk food run choices is never a bad thing.

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