KFC is the last place you’d expect to find a vegan option on the menu. In fact, I have a feeling it’s something chicken-loving Colonel Sanders probably wouldn’t sign off on. But in game-changing news, the fast food chain is officially launching a vegan version of its famous crispy chicken burger in the UK. Yep, it’s actually happening.

According to The Independent, KFC’s plant-based version of the chicken burger—called “The Imposter”—is made up of a chicken fillet from the brand Quorn that’s been coated in the top-secret blend of herbs and spices in the Colonel’s Original Recipe. It comes in a soft-glazed bun topped with vegan mayo and iceberg lettuce.

“Working with KFC, we’ve created a bespoke Quorn fillet that does the Colonel’s recipe justice,” said Tony Davison, head of global foodservice and QSR at Quorn. “We have no doubt that KFC fans are going to love the modern take on a finger lickin’ favorite.”

Right now, the burger is set to be sold in the UK for four weeks starting June 17. Hopefully, if it sells as well as it’s expected to, it will stick around for the long haul. And the chances look promising: Not only are Brits pumped about the vegan addition to the menu, but KFC itself is calling it “a triumph of deception,” so you know it’s good.

Since there’s no word on KFC locations in the U.S. following suit—not yet, anyway!—you don’t have to wait to get your fix. Quorn products are sold all across the country (use this store locator to find them near you!), so it’s super easy to make your own version at home—minus the Coronel’s special seasoning, of course.

Just cook up one of Quorn’s Meatless Vegan Fillets or crispy breaded Vegan Meatless Spicy Patties, grab a bun and some Veganaise, and devour.

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