dean foods bankruptcy

Plant-based milks are everywhere. Even a quick trip to most coffee shops will have you trying to decide between multiple different options. And all those purchases you’ve made have really paid off, because America’s largest milk producer, Dean Foods, has officially filed for bankruptcy.

According to Eater, the 94-year-old company—which has multiple different brands, including DairyPure, Land O’Lakes, Country Fresh, and TruMoo—has lost a lot of money over the years as plant-based milk options have increased. This year alone, the company’s sales decreased seven percent and its profits fell 14 percent.

dean foods milkNow that less people are drinking cow’s milk, the company is seeking a buyer in order to continue running. Right now, there’s a potential deal to be made with the Dairy Farmers of America cooperative. What might be a better idea, though, is to make a transition to plant-based milks, like Elmhurst Farms did after 90 years in business. Considering the market for alt-milk has only continued to grow, it’s safe to say it’s a good place to be.

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