Blue Apron Is Adding Beyond Meat Products to Its Menu Next Month

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Blue Apron isn’t known as the most vegan-friendly meal kit delivery service. While there are vegetarian options available, anyone who doesn’t eat eggs and dairy is advised to give those options to friends since there’s currently not an option to cut them out of your shipment. But that could soon change.

Starting the week of August 19, Blue Apron is becoming a little more plant-based. The company has been a popular choice for busy people who don’t have time to grocery shop or plan their everyday meals since its launch in 2012, and now—thanks to a partnership with Beyond Meat—customers can choose to order a dish featuring the Beyond Burger opposed to a traditional meat patty. “Our first Beyond Burger recipes are inspired by our customers’ favorite burgers, each with an interesting twist on a summer classic,” said John Adler, head chef of Blue Apron. 

Right now, Blue Apron’s Beyond Burger recipes include “Caramelized Onion & Cheddar Beyond Burgers with Garlic Green Beans” and “Jalapeño & Goat Cheese Beyond Burgers with Corn on the Cob”—both of which contain dairy. But for those who have yet to experiment with plant-based protein, it could be a great way to ease in with an easy-to-follow recipe and every ingredient right at their fingertips.

The fact that the OG meal kit service is adding plant protein to its menu isn’t just great for health reasons. Every time someone orders a Beyond Burger, it also helps save animals and the environment: A study from the University of Michigan reports the patties require 99% less water and 46% less energy than beef burgers to produce, not to mention 90% fewer greenhouse gasses. Between those benefits and the great taste, it’s going to be hard for someone not to be hooked after the first bite.

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