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Ever since Barn Sanctuary founder Dan McKernan opened his family’s generations-old farm to rescued farm animals, his stories have inspired those across the globe. And now, thanks to a new show in the works, millions more will be able to fall in love with Chewy the goat, Little Dude the pig, and Mike the cow just as much as he has.

McKernan just announced the show Barn Sanctuary will be coming to Animal Planet at the end of 2019. Filming begins next week, and there will be 12 hour-long episodes that document all the hard work, heartwarming moments, and rescue missions that go down at the Chelsea, Michigan-based sanctuary over the next six months.

“All of us at Barn Sanctuary are thrilled to open our barn doors to Animal Planet’s millions of viewers,” said McKernan in a press release. “This show will give farmed animals the chance to be seen in a different light as we rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a loving home to abused and neglected farmed animals.”

With veganism becoming more mainstream, there’s no better time to get to know just how sweet and lovable farm animals are. And this documentary is the perfect way to spread awareness.

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