This is the year of the veggie burger. Hands down. From Dr. Praeger’s new meat-like “bleeding” patty to Burger King making history by adding the Impossible Whopper to its menu, life just keeps getting easier…and more delicious. Especially now that Aldi is highlighting its collection.

According to Cooking Light, Aldi’s range of veggie burgers from its Earth Grown line—which has a growing amount of vegan and vegetarian products—will be featured in the “Aldi’s Finds” section starting July 17th. (Aka the grocer’s curated weekly deals available for a limited period of time.) While the veggie burgers have been around for a while now, five in particular—the Buffalo Chickenless, BBQ Chickenless, Mushroom Risotto, Lentil Veggie, and Southwest Quinoa Crunch—are being advertised to the masses, meaning there’s no better time than now to fill your freezer while you still can.

Ranging from 130 to 230 calories per serving and low in saturated fat—not to mention a great source of protein and fiber—the burgers are a total win. And that price tag of under $4 per box is pretty great, too.

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