These Leather-Free Lunch Bags Look Just Like High-End Designer Purses

modern picnic vegan lunch bags

When you’re a kid, there’s an endless amount of cool lunch bags to choose from. But if your current situation is a wrinkly brown paper bag, you’re not alone. Luckily, an adult-friendly option now exists, and it just so happens to look like something you’d see in a department store.

At first glance, you might mistake Modern Picnic‘s lunch bags for designer purses. That is until you look inside, where there’s an insulated interior that keeps your food cold, a pocket for your belongings, and utensil holders so you can tote along reusable, eco-friendly silverware. There’s also a magnetic closure to keep everything in place. Plus, they’re totally vegan: no real leather is needed for this look that’s as fresh as the food it stores. (Sorry, had to.)

Right now, there are two different options available: The Luncher ($149) and The Snacker ($49)—both of which are insulated and come in six different colors. I really only have one question before I hit that “buy” button: Is it socially acceptable to use it as a purse after devouring my chickpea salad sandwich?

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