6 Cute Reusable Grocery Bag Options for Eco-Friendly Shopping

cute reusable grocery bag

If you haven’t heard, plastic is out. Like, you know there’s a movement happening when even Starbucks—one of the world’s biggest coffee giants—is phasing out its iconic disposable green straws by 2020. While there are plenty of different ways to be more eco-friendly in your own life, one of the easiest is simply changing your grocery shopping habits.

Instead of choosing between paper or plastic the next time you’re at the register, have a cute reusable grocery bag on hand to carry home your plant-based goodies—and save the planet in the process. These six options aren’t just highly-rated for being heavy-duty, but they’re also bags you’ll be more than happy to go plastic-free for.

Grab One of These 6 Reusable Grocery Bag Options Before Your Next Outing

1. EuroSac Natural Cotton String Bag

This trendy string bag can hold up to 40 pounds. Aka all the kale and avocados you could ever want.

2. Almonds Reusable Tote

What better reminder to stock up on plant-based protein than a bag covered in almonds?

3. Baggu Recycled Shopping Bag

Despite being able to fold it into a tiny pouch, this single tote is sturdy enough to hold 2 to 3 plastic grocery bags worth of items.

4. Monstera Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

This handprinted monstera leaves bag is perfect for any plant lover—green thumb or not.

5. EcoBags Pastel Set

In this bag bundle, you get five pastel-colored totes—one of being this pretty sage color.

6. ‘I Enjoy Romantic Walks’ Tote Bag

Because who doesn’t find pure bliss in the produce aisle?

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