This Eco-Friendly Comforter Made From Eucalyptus Will Fool You Into Thinking You’re Sleeping in a Cloud

eco friendly comforter

When you’re on a quest to live a more eco-friendly and cruelty-free life, finding a quality comforter is hands down one of the biggest challenges. As you’re searching, many bedding options you come across are made with wool or filled with down feathers that come from geese, ducks, and swans. But this just-released option gets its cloud-like feel without doing any harm.

Buffy is known for its ridiculously cozy comforters, and its latest release—The Breeze—is made entirely of ultra-breathable eucalyptus. While polyester and down materials trap in heat, making you wake up in a sweat, eucalyptus helps regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool all night long. It’s also naturally softer than cotton, as well as resistant to microbes, mites, and allergens.

Eucalyptus is also a winner on the eco-friendly front. The fiber is biodegradable and producing it requires millions less gallons of water than cotton does, giving you an option to cuddle up in that’s also better for the planet. Extra bonus: Eucalyptus smells fantastic and is hypoallergenic (and gentle on your skin!), helping you drift off to sleep like a baby.

If you want to roll yourself up in this comforter stat, same. And one of the biggest perks of buying from Buffy is that you can do so without making a commitment—you can do a free trial first. After testing out the blanket at home, you’ll only be charged if you like it. If not, you can send it back at no cost. Here’s to being nestled up in an ultra-cozy, cruelty-free comforter for years to come.

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