These Vegan Scrambled Eggs Are So Fluffy You’ll Think They’re Real

vegan scrambled eggs recipe

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I nearly did a double take when I came across a plate of scrambled eggs from Minimalist Baker. Anyone who follows the healthy vegan food blogger knows eggs don’t have a place in her recipes. But with their fluffy texture and perfect color, these things looked so realistic that they could throw off just about anyone. Myself included.

Now, don’t worry—despite their appearance, the Fluffy Vegan Scrambled Eggs are, in fact, completely made of plants. And Dana Shultz’s secret to making them so realistic is actually mung beans—the same thing Just Egg uses in its beloved new product.

“This recipe is inspired by the Just Egg product everyone’s been talking about. I was so excited to see an egg product that looked—and supposedly tasted—like the real thing,” Shultz writes. “The only thing I didn’t love was the addition of canola oil, which some health experts believe to be highly processed and inflammatory in the body.”

To make her recipe even healthier than what’s on store shelves, she used added fat from coconut milk, color from turmeric, and plenty of flavor from nutritional yeast, onion powder, and black salt. Then for the body and texture, rice flour was the final missing piece. While you don’t have to use oil, there’s also the option to add in a bit of olive or avocado oil.

After everything is blended up, all you have to do is cook up your eggs on a non-stick pan however you please, whether you want to make a scramble, omelet, frittata, or quiche. Basically, when it comes to this genius recipe, the options are endless.

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