This Nut-Free Vegan Pesto Gets Its Creaminess from a Surprising Secret Ingredient

Pesto is objectively the best summer pasta sauce. It’s more refreshing than tomato sauce or any conglomeration of creamy vegan cheeses—especially when you use fresh basil. If you haven’t considered adding the herb to your ever-growing collection of potted plants, you might want to think again because this nut-free option is a must-try.

Even though I usually snatch a handful of basil from my backyard and devour it plain every time I walk past, Remy Morimoto Park, the healthy plant-based food blogger behind Veggiekins, has a new recipe that has completely convinced me to save some for the kitchen. Her Best-O Pesto isn’t your average sauce. Instead of using nuts like in the traditional varieties, she combines basil with two other staples that have the potential to add creaminess to any dish: avocado and tahini.

“Instead of using the standard olive oil and pine nuts, I opted for some of my favorite whole plant fats instead,” she writes. “Both avocado and tahini are such rich healthy fat sources, and using tahini is what makes this recipe nut-free.”

You only need six ingredients to make this pesto: basil, avocado, tahini, garlic, salt, and pepper. (Plus some nutritional yeast if you want a cheesier flavor.) After a quick blend, it’s ready to drench your pasta of choice. Here’s to one-upping avocado toast.

Want the full recipe? Here’s how to make Remy’s Besto-Pesto.

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