When you think of a smoothie, there’s a good chance your mind instantly goes to a delicious fruity combo with some greens thrown in, right? Well then get ready to be shook because one blogger added in a veggie that you never expected to be a main ingredient in a refreshing drink.

Lina Saber of Tropically Lina posted a recipe for her ‘Blue Bliss’ Protein Smoothie on Instagram, and it just so happens that cauliflower is the star ingredient. Yes, that big white fluffy thing you roast, turn into pizza crust, and make rice out of also works amazingly well in smoothie-form. Who would’ve thought?

By adding the cruciferous veggie into the mix, you not only cut down on sugar, but you also instantly up the protein (this recipe has 4.2 grams from the cauliflower alone!), fiber, and calcium. You don’t even need the fresh kind: Stock up on some bags of frozen cauli to make your life even easier. Once all your ingredients are blended together, you won’t even know it’s there.

To discover the wonders of cauliflower smoothies, try Lina’s recipe below.


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I’m back with today’s post work-out ‘Blue Bliss’ Protein Smoothie 🌊☺️💪🏼 Jam-packed with vegan protein and so mighty satisfying! What cruciferous veggies do you like to add to your smoothies? I find it’s a great way to pack a smoothie with whole nutrients! The Recipe: Serves 1-2 -2 cups of raw cauliflower, chopped -2 frozen bananas (great substitute: frozen mango) -4 Tbsp. of pea protein powder -1 Tsp. of blue spirulina -1/2 cup almond milk -1 cup of water -Optional: coconut sugar Pop all the ingredients in a high-speed blender. I used my vitamix and blend until nice and silky! Note: This smoothie is not meant to be sweet. I recommend adding coconut sugar or organic leaf sweetener if you like things on the sweeter side. ✨✨✨ P.S. Thank you all so much for your beautiful messages and dms asking where I’ve been! I’ve been on and off Instagram these past 2 weeks as some of you know I’m planning on moving soon and the only way to truly figure out where I’d like to spend the upcoming year is to go and live there for a few weeks before making the big jump. I hope to share more about this soon! In the meantime, I’m back with normal daily posting and lots of amazing projects coming your way, including the Nicecream App! Have a beautiful day! 💙

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