Vegan Menus Are One of Vogue’s Top Wedding Trends

Trying to figure out what to order at a wedding as a vegan guest is always a challenge, but your days eating sad spinach salads amongst all the meat-eating guests might be coming to an end. Well, getting there, at least.

Vogue just released their top wedding trends of 2017, and menus rid of animal products just so happen to be one of them. Instead of snagging any substitution you possibly can (we’ve all been there!), vegan options are starting to find a prime place on the menu.

“Without doubt, we’re seeing more brides and grooms feature vegan options versus vegetarian,” celebrity wedding planner Colin Cowie told the magazine. “The vegan movement is well on the way, and most top restaurants today now offer a vegan menu. Vegan used to mean the grilled portobello mushroom; today’s chefs are preparing exquisite and delicious vegan options.”

It’s good news for guests, as well as all the couples struggling to find vegan caterers in the first place. This is one trend we can definitely say “I do” to.

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