Pizza Night Just Got Even Better with This 5-Second Trick to Making Vegan Parmesan

vegan parmesan recipe

You really only need two things for a solid vegan pizza: a great sauce and all the veggies. But if you miss the days of shaking a little parmesan on each slice before devouring it, there’s a way to recreate the tasty topping with plants.

Alison Wu, the Portland-based wellness expert and recipe developer behind Wu Haus, recently shared her love of adding even more flavor and texture to Italian dishes with a homemade, dairy-free parmesan. And it comes from a very unexpected source: macadamia nuts.

While Wu used it on a bowl of pasta, it goes great with everything: roasted veggies, lasagna, pizza—you name it. Making it is a breeze, too. All you need to do is grab one of the smooth healthy fat-loaded nuts and gently draw it across a microplane (basically an extra-fine grater) to create parmesan cheese-like strands.

What results—in literally seconds!—is a fluffy, rich topping anyone would have a hard time believing isn’t real cheese. Let’s just say pizza (and pasta!) nights will never be the same.


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