Yep, Dessert Hummus Is a Thing—and Here’s Exactly How to Use It

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Hummus is the ultimate protein-packed power snack, whether you’re dipping pita chips or fresh veggies. And there’s a lot of different kinds to choose from: garlic, beet, red pepper—you name it. But how about chocolate or Snickerdoodle? With a handful of decadent options now sold in stores, your healthy dessert dreams have officially become a reality.

Taking the chickpea-loaded dip from savory to sweet might seem odd at first, but don’t knock dessert hummus until you try it. I mean, you know it’s a win when Target stocks it nationwide. The next time you go shopping, check for the brand Delighted By—the OG creator of dessert hummus. The retailer currently sells four flavors for $6 each, all of which are vegan: Snickerdoodle, Brownie Batter, Pumpkin Pie, and Vanilla Bean.

While Delighted By started the craze, even Trader Joe’s has jumped on board. The healthy grocer recently released its vegan Chocolate Hummus for $2 a pop. No matter whether you buy a tub at the store—or make your own version at home!—the options are endless when it comes to how to use it.

Fresh fruit—like strawberries and bananas—is always a tasty dipping choice for dessert hummus. I’m personally a fan of dipping apple slices in the Brownie Batter hummus. And if you’re craving carbs, you can also go for rice cakes, crackers (Ritz are surprisingly delicious!), pretzels, and graham crackers (there are options made without honey, like these from Nabisco).

Beyond using your dessert hummus as a dip, you can also spread it on toast, use it as a frosting for cookies or cupcakes, and enjoy it as an oatmeal topping. Or, you know, just keep things simple and eat it right off the spoon. No judgements here.

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